Quality of Products

Product Quality Control

Our chicken is so good because we carefully choose the raw materials with which we prepare our recipes, perform continuous checks on all processing steps and follow very carefully the entire supply chain, from the selection of chickens to its service in our restaurants.


Our Chickens

Kentucky chickens come from certified European suppliers and are regularly inspected by qualified independent bodies, according to European Union standards. These controls are related to:

• Animal welfare, which grows in large structures and in suitable environments;
• Care for their diet, which should contain only vegetables, minerals, vitamins and not antibiotics or artificial growth hormones;
• Transportation of raw materials from the supplier to the restaurant;
• Storage, preservation and management of raw materials in the restaurant, from its entry to the finished product.

All product management is performed according to HACCP procedures.

Cooking Products

The fry in Kentucky Fried Chicken takes place with special fryers created by the Colonel himself and produced by Henny Penny! Frying in the fryer takes less time than traditional frying and this type of frying seals the natural values ​​of the food, keeping the product naturally moist and delicious.


We at KFC have a set time for each food that is cooked. So, depending on the type of product we need: 15 minutes to prepare according to the original recipe COB chicken in a large basket and 4 to 7 minutes for all other products. After frying we see that the chicken is cooked evenly and we confirm this with a thermometer that monitors the internal temperature of the meat. This is a fundamental step in ensuring food security for our customers.


The whole preparation process is managed in such a way as to prepare the right amount of food and reduce any food waste to the maximum.


Food safety is an absolute priority and starts with employee training. All the people who work for KFC, in fact, attend a training course that supports food hygiene and safety. The stages of product management are regulated by procedures approved by the company, as well as by Italian and European regulations. Each stage of cooking is entrusted to different chefs. This is done to prevent contamination between raw and finished products, this method is also very efficient in time. Furthermore, the chef must wash his hands before each stage or series of food preparation.